VTEM skitter

Abstract-Contemporary Art as exploited by

Madaleine Antrobus

Subject: Nuances of form, color and texture.
VTEM skitter

Using the basic art elements of color, design and texture I create

a vibrant and opulent canvas

which both pleases and stimulates the art lover.
VTEM skitter

Let me take you on a journey of

contemporary expressionistic paintings

and find your own meaning as it speaks to you emotionally.

Madaleine Antrobus as Artist!

Abstract-Contemporary art that collectively and individually exploits the nuances of form, color and texture.

Madaleine Antrobus, born in Heilbron in the Free State, Matriculated and Graduated in Potchefstroom. Art, photography, music and dance has always played a significant role in her life and through these creative and emotional outlets the journey that life offers has always been depicted. Throughout her life, as a friend, a mother and a teacher, she has reached into numerous lives with her art, her knowledge and her wisdom

Madaleine Antrobus original contemporary artwork has been called dynamic, bold, explosive and exciting but they also involve subtle nuances of color and meaning that takes the viewer into the painting where they can make new and unexpected insights.  She works both large and small.  Often she begins with a contemporary design idea but as the painting develops it leads her into new areas of expression.

Her fascination with materials even at that early age led to her artistic growth.  Though she tried other professions, she always did art projects on the side.

Go on your own discovery of Madaleine Antrobus's mixed media acrylic contemporary expressionistic paintings. Feel the power of the strong strokes, relish the amazing blending of colors and find your own meaning as it speaks to you emotionally. 

The joy is endless.